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How to experience your self care grow kit

Thank you for purchasing this self-care grow  Kit

To start off, fill your pot with soil  all the way to the top, like filling yourself up with abundance, next pls use the chopstick to make about 4-5 holes about half an inch deep around the soil bed, sow  about 4-5 seeds into each hole, this seeds represent your emotions, sow seeds of self-love, compassion, forgiveness, strength, gratitude and anything that you wish for as you drop each seed in their respective holes, next cover the hole with soil and pat down the soil gently to allow the soil to come into contact with the seed.

 Water the soil, using the squirt bottle that is provided, give it a good drench once a day morning or afternoon, next place the pot in a shaded area where it can be greeted by sunlight every day. 

Overtime your Kale seeds will germinate, and you can start feeding them with nutrition after 4 leaves or more have grown, just like the nutritional food that we put into ourselves to keep us strong and healthy, pls add the kelp organic fertilizer or any other organic fertilizer to soil bed once every 2 weeks to help them grow

 Overtime they are good to harvest, just like this self-care pot of abundance that you have grown

Best wishes and keep growing 
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